A Hijacking

a-hijacking 1Based on a true story the Danish film A Hijacking tells the story of a cargo ship that is overrun by a gang of Somali Pirates. The boat and crew are held to ransom while the pirates engage in negotiations with the  authorities in Copenhagen. As the Danes try to end the situation with as little financial and reputational damage, the pirates have other ideas. A tense stand-off  ensues that could easily end in bloodshed.

This film comes with a fine pedigree. Writer / Director Tobias Lindholm has a reputation as a top writer having penned the 2012 drama The Hunt as well as the superb Danish Political drama Borgen. Fans of Nordic dramas will recognise some of the main members of the cast from the likes of The Killing, Unit 1 and the aforementioned Borgen.

A Hijacking is released in the UK on 10th May.

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