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The blockbuster film season seems to start earlier every year as the major studios try to position their releases away from their rivals. In a bid to maximise the return that has been invested in these big budget projects some high profile films are now scheduled for release away from the summer months.  For 2013 the month of May sees more than a couple of anticipated movies hitting our screens.

im so excoited featuredFirst up on the Third of May is the screwball comedy I’m So Excited from the Spanish director  Pedro Almodovar. His first comedy in a long, long time also serves as a biting commentary on the state of the Spanish economy all within the cramped confines of a transatlantic airliner. With cameos from two of Almodovars best known actors this is sure to be a top notch film. Already released in Spain this film has provided Almodovar with his biggest opening weekend for any of his films.You can’t really go wrong on that recommendation.

Star-Trek-Into-DarknessOpening on the Ninth of May is possibly the most anticipated film of the year. Star Trek Into Darkness comes to us with a couple of trailers that manage to tease and excite us but give little away regarding the plot. In addition to the cast of the successful 2009 re-imagining Benedict Cumberbatch features as the nasty, evil bad, guy in the see through holding cell. Initial reports indicate that the twelfth film (yup, twelve!) is as good if not even better than the previous critically acclaimed movie.

gatsby 1Coinciding with the Cannes film festival, The new Baz Luhrmann epic in the form of the remake of The Great Gatsby comes to a cinema near you in glorious (or not) 3D on the sixteenth of May. Featuring a star-studded cast in the form of Leonardo Di Caprio, Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire among others, the film has had a lot of pre-release buzz. Luhrmann is hoping that this will prove to be a hit for him after the disappointing performance of his last epic, Australia.

fast 6Moviescramble’s favourite petrol head franchise The Fast and Furious gets a sixth outing on the Seventeenth of May.  Gathering together the gang including The Rock for another adventure which is sure to be full of high octane stunts and reasonably low in sub plots and character development. With the news that the seventh film is already in pre-production there seems to be no end in sight for Vin and the team. Not that we are complaining about that!

hangover-3May twenty third sees the release of the third and final entry in the Hangover franchise. With the global success of the first film the inevitable sequel failed to live up to the first mainly due to the fact that it was pretty much the same film set in another location. The third sees a change of location again but a slightly different premise this time. whether this means the franchise bows out on a high or the cash cow is finally being milked dry remains to be seen.

If none of the above take your fancy there are a number of other interesting films out this month.  Recommended are Everybody has a Plan, A Viggo Mortenson identity swap drama, Byzantium, a mother and daughter vampire drama and the Danish drama A Hijacking.

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