47 Ronin

It appears that Keanu Reeves is enjoying something of a resurgence. In addition to the forthcoming Man of Tai Chi, which is his first shot at directing, the trailer for his next action film has just been released on the web.  This is a ‘version’ of the 1941 film which is in turn based on real events in 18th century Japan. Kai (Reeves) is an outcast from his own people. He is offered redemption in the form of a band of forty-seven Ronin who are out to avenge the brutal murder of their master.

If the trailer is anything to go by this looks like a pretty darn good action film. Lots of sword play, gun fights and mystical elements are topped off with a bearded Keanu kicking ass.

47 Ronin is released this Christmas. The perfect gift for the man who has everything.


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