Escape Plan

In a rare moment of restraint in Hollywood the new trailer for the film Escape Plan holds back on the obvious tag line considering that the film has Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger in the lead roles. There is no ‘Back together for the first time since…’ leader. Instead the film trailer concentrates on teasing out some of the facts about the film and doesn’t even feature Arnie until about half way through.

Stallone plays Ray, an Escapist. He has a most unusual job. He breaks out of prisons to highlight security vulnerabilities. Along the way he has made some enemies and now in his latest job he finds himself in a life and death situation as he is abducted and placed in the most secure high-tech prison populated with the worst criminals in the country. Teaming up with Emil (Arnie) is the one chance he has to survive.

Escape Plan is released on 18th October in the US and 22nd November in the UK.

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