Paddington heads to the big screen

Just announced is the big screen debut for everybody’s favourite illegal immigrant, Paddington Bear. The furry adventurer in the rain hat and duffel coat will be the star of a live action / CGI film to be released in November 2014.  Based on the stories by Michael Bond the cast is being led by Colin Firth who will provide the voice of the heroic bear. Joining him will be Hugh Bonneville as Mr Brown the head of the family that adopts Paddington after he is found wandering in the train station that gives him his name.

Able support will be provided by Nicole Kidman who will be playing the part of an evil taxidermist hell-bent on stealing Paddington away in order to get him stuffed and mounted. A bit dark for a children’s film but I am sure Kidman will be suitably menacing in the role and any actual stuffing will be done off camera. So Duffel coats and marmalade sandwiches at the ready for a grand adventure.

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