Don Jon

Not being content with gaining plaudits across the board for his acting performances Joseph Gordon-Levitt looks to be adding another string to his bow with the release of the film Don Jon. A well as taking the lead role Gordon-Levitt is also stepping behind the camera to both write and direct the movie Don Jon.

The story revolves around the title character finding out more about himself than he bargained for when be goes in search of the perfect woman while having unrealistic expectations of sex due to his addiction to online porn. Through meeting and developing relationships with two very different women he has his eyes opened to a whole new side of life.

Supporting the lead comes in the form of the very accomplished actors Scarlett Johannson, Julianne Moore and Glen Headly. Playing the part of Jon’s father is the very familiar face that is Tony Danza.

Don Jon is released  in the US on 27th of September and 15th November in the UK.


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