Le Week-End

Due principally to the success of The King’s speech movie studios and their investors have come to realise there is a vast untapped market out there ready to be exploited. The mature audience that were ignored by film makers intent on producing high-octane, plotless and pointless movies have spoken with their money. By making more cerebral films, previously branded as Art house,  into international hits they have provoked a flurry of films to be made specifically for their demographic.  The latest of these is the drama Le Week-End.

A British couple, Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan, are desperate. Their marriage is close to being over and in a last-ditch attempt at re-connecting they travel to Paris, a location where they spent their honeymoon many years before.  Of course things don’t go quite to plan. The film is directed by Roger Michell, best known for Noting Hill, and has a screen play from acclaimed writer Hanif Kureishi.

Le Week-End is released on 11th October.

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