Hot Wheels: The Movie

I had to check that it wasn’t the first of April when I heard about this one. It has been announced that there will be a live action movie adaptation of the popular children’s car based franchise Hot Wheels. Mattel, the company behind the brand, has started production using their own recently announced in house team called Playtime Productions. Already attached to the project is director Simon Crane. Crane is best known for his stunt coordinator and second unit direction work in a multitude of big budget Hollywood films.

There are no details on script or actor attached to the project as yet. The studio appears to be trying to get a mix of the high octane car action of the Fast and Furious films and themore child friendly aspects of the Cars films from Pixar. Whatever the concept is represents another step away from creative film making. Studios are more and more risk averse and are now going to the extremes of using the likes of toy cars which had no previous link to visual storytelling instead of taking a chance on a new project. I am waiting without anticipation for Top Trumps: The Motion Picture.

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