The Dystopianest Dystopia Ever

dystopia 1What happens when you take a view of the modern world with its seemingly increasingly reliance on technology and take that view to one very logical conclusion? What could be possibly be facing in the future? The answer to these questions can be found in the short film The Dystopianest Dystopia Ever.

In the near future people still communicate but not in all the ways that we currently take for granted. For one, people do not have oral conversations. That is very much a thing of the past. Everything is done via a phone screen. There is no face to face communication and no eye contact. That is something that died out with the previous generation. When two friends ‘meet’ one starts to wonder what it would be like to have an actual discussion. His friend is appalled. The idea makes her want to be sick and seems very old-fashioned to her. The man who has obviously been thinking on this or some time decides to dump his phone only for the girl to reject him as a weirdo and leave.

dystopia 2As dystopian societies go this is a unique one. There is no gloomy and oppressive environment. Sure their meeting place is not the nicest. It could do with painting and some weeding but there are trees and the sun is still shining. No, the frightening thing is the plausibility of the situation taken to the extreme. It is shown that with the right stimulus, usually from the zeitgeist and eventually being taken as the norm. At this point opposing views are shouted (or texted in this case) down.

The theme of isolation within an ever increasingly connected world is the main driver of the one minute and fifty-six second running time. This is a good example of a short film that works really well.It has one point to make and it gets its across in a rather unique and entertaining way. You can be assured that you will be thinking about the seemingly simple tale long after it is over.

Overall a well executed, thoughtful short film. Recommended.

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