Before They Were Famous – Actors in Woody Allen films

The reputation of  Woody Allen is enough to have top actor clamoring for a role in one of his forthcoming films. In almost all cases the star agrees to a part even before they have seen a script. The honour of working with the great man is enough. What is not so widely known is Woody’s eye for emerging talent.

Over the course of his filmography Allen has given early screen roles to now famous actors. This cannot be a coincidence. One or two perhaps but not as many as have featured in his movies. The below video from Flavorwire on Vimeo gives a succinct insight into just how many have featured. A few of the appearances are blink and you will miss it and with the Sigourney Weaver appearance it is a case of needing to use the zoom function on your DVD just to get an idea of who it is.

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