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 Released on-line is the first trailer for the ambitious Scottish based thriller Starcache. Starcache is a new high-tech global treasure hunt game along the same lines as Geocache. The difference here is a prize of one million dollars waiting to be found by a lucky hunter.  With so much money at stake the friendly competition to find the prize soon gives way to something a lot darker and bloodier.

This is the first feature length drama from Artisani productions,  a young Scottish production company. Currently being shot on location with no budget to speak of,  the trailer certainly whets the appetite for the full feature. Featuring a cast of very familiar faces for anyone who has watched Scottish based television dramas over the last few years and full of biting and humorous dialogue, the film is a bold attempt at creating something rather special. Mixing action, horror and adventure the film is looking to create a new genre in cinema, namely Slasher-Cacher.

Starcache will be released in late 2014. Check out the trailer below and show your support for the film makers at the movie’s Facebook page


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