Castello Cavalcanti

It’s always welcome to get a little on-line surprise (no not that kind!) that restores your faith in movies. Wes Anderson, in association with Prada,  has released an eight minute short, Castello Cavalcanti, without any prior teasers or publicity. The film features Jason Schwarztman as a driver taking part in, and crashing out of a race, in rural Italy in nineteen fifty-five.

The film is a lovely example of what a short film should be in order to be deemed a success. it has as single idea that is executed with style and great care. The short features some of the directors signature shots. Most used is the tracking shot which eases from one carefully composed scene to another. it gives the impression that the set is in fact flat. The scenes are all beautifully composed with detail and variety in each one.

This will do nicely until The Grand Budapest Hotel is released next year.

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