Machete Kills Again …In Space

 Before the start of the recent Machete Kills feature audiences were treated to a ‘trailer’ for the next instalment in the Robert Rodriguez helmed franchise. This has now been made available on-line as judging by the poor box office returns, fourteen million since release, many people will not have seen it. In the style of the Machete features, and the Grindhouse genre, the trailer takes Machete to the next illogical level.

Now our anti-hero is battling in space. In a very much tongue in cheek teaser with little or no dialogue, Machete hacks his way past Aliens and robots while a full-scale war goes on around him. There is a nice nod to Star Wars with the light machete being introduced to the mix.Making apppearences are his usual crew of Luz (Michelle Rodriguez), Miss San Antonio (Amber Heard) and La Camaleon (Lady Gaga).

This is a film the deserves to be made and hopefully the trailer will fuel a little interest in the project.  

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