Lewis Collins RIP

It is with great sadness that we learned of the passing of the British actor Lewis Collins. For a generation of British children Collins is regarded as something of an icon having played the part of Bodie in the hit television series The Professionals.  Collins, often noted as being a underated actor, was a jobbing actor appearing in a variety of UK television series before landing the role of William Bodie an ex SAS paratrooper. The show was remarkable for the well written storylines, appealing lead actors and high-octane action sequences which were something not previously seen on prime time television. For the run of the show both Lewis and his co-star Martin Shaw were household names.

After the show ended Collins failed to sustain the same level of popularity. He was the lead in the movie Who Dares Wins in 1982 and then appeared in a number of straight to video productions.

As a small reminder below are the iconic opening credits for The Professionals.

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