The Protector 2

the-protector-2-tony-jaaTo lose the only thing you care about and have to battle to get it back is unfortunate and troubling. To be in the same position for a second time is just plain careless. This is the situation that Kham (Tony Jaa) finds himself in. In the events of the first Protector movie, Kham has his pet Elephant stolen and transported to Australia (as you do). He is forced to fight his way to retrieve his prized friend. 

In the second film it pretty much goes down the same way. His elephant is held to ransom by Mr LC (RZA) who uses the pet as leverage for Kham to do his bidding. Kham must find a way of stop Mr LC and get him and his trunk ( and the rest of it!)  home. The trailer has some pretty full on action scenes with explosions and kick-ass fighting.

The Protector 2 is released on the 2nd of May in the US.


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