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Scarlett Johansson returns to the screen this summer with the release of the action film Lucy. She is unwittingly implanted with a drug shipment that she is forced to deliver for a shady organisation. Lucy is intercepted and during the subsequent interrogation at the hands of another shady bunch the drug package in her stomach is damaged and starts to leak into her system. The effect is that she is able to utilise more of her brain capacity than a normal person. Of course, this leads to shooting, fighting and mayhem.

This film is the latest in a long line of Luc Besson movies that have the action turned up to eleven and given the subject matter the cerebral content turned way down. Besson certainly knows how to put together a clever and entertaining action sequence and in my book that is usually enough to keep me interested in a movie of this type. Alongside Johannson is Morgan Freeman as a man of science who specializes in all things cerebral.

Lucy is released in the US on the 25th of July and in the UK on the 22nd of August.

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