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Coming soon to a cinema probably nowhere near you is the first of a two movie adaption of the popular manga & anime Attack on Titan.

The film is set in a world where humanity now resides behind a series of 100 foot walls which protect them from horrific man eating giants, the titular Titans. It follows Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman as they experience an assault on the walls by the Colossal Titan and later join the Survey Corps who are tasked with the defence of the people and eradication of the Titan threat.

The manga and anime have been massively popular worldwide with the 25 episode first series of the anime simulcast worldwide via streaming service Crunchyroll with the manga also available to read on the site.

There are some notable changes between the movie and its source material such as the absence of Levi Ackerman, one of the most popular characters in the series. For me it’s not such a bad thing as in my humble opinion he’s a bit of an aloof dick, however he is particularly good at taking down Titans. As long as there’s plenty of that I’m sure he won’t be missed too much. Besides, there’s a second movie to come so he may yet make an appearance.

A new Japanese only trailer has recently hit Youtube which shows a considerable amount more of Titan vs human action. Expect much blood and gore and a flash of another (possibly) significant addition from the anime in the form of a baby Titan. Creepy.

As I couldn’t find a fansubbed version and my Japanese is rusty (read: non-existent), I’ve had a go at transcripting the trailer. I believe it goes something like this:


<Lecture on humanity’s failures>


“His battle level!! It’s over 9000!!!!”

<Monologue on how friendship will save the day>

The film is out in Japan with US viewers able to enjoy from Sept 30th but no concrete UK release information has emerged as yet. The anime is distributed by Manga Entertainment so it’s not a huge stretch to imagine they’ll get the UK rights to the movie too. Better hurry up as I’m really looking forward to this one.

Keep an eye on the official website at

Oh, and if giant people eating monsters wasn’t surreal enough for you, remember their first cinematic outing was in a Subaru advert

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