New Releases For September

In terms of movies releases in the UK, September is a transition month. The summer blockbuster releases are, in the main, finished but the early award contenders have not yet reached us as they tend to Launch at the Toronto International Film Festival. So it’s a bit of a mixed bag this month with some interesting smaller releases.

American Ultra

american-ultraThis movie got absolutely hammered by US critics this month which led to very low returns on the opening weekend box office and the director Max Landis bemoaning that the movie industry hated an original idea. The film stars Jesse Eisenberg as a stoner who is unaware that he is also a CIA killing machine. When he is marked for termination his former handler activates him in order to save his life. Kristen Stewart co-stars as the girlfriend and support comes from Topher Grace and Connie Britton.

Me And Earl And The Dying Girl

Me-Earl-Dying-GirlThe great white hope for 20th Century Fox this year after the relative failure of their blockbusters. After the film won the audience and critic awards at this year’s Sundance Festival, Fox snapped it up for international distribution. The film is a comedy drama where a boy named Gregg is forced to befriend a classmate who is dying from Leukaemia. After the initial awkwardness they soon become close friends. This is a quirky and really quite funny movie that will feature on more than a few top ten of the year lists.

No Escape

No-escape-MovieThe Polar opposite to Me and Earl is the action movie No escape. Owen Wilson and Lake Bell as a family that are caught up in the middle of a coup in an un-named Asian country. With the help of British ‘tourist’ Pierce Brosnan they have to try to get to the US embassy and safety. This has the potential for being very bad, entertaining rubbish or really good. So far the reviews are split over all three views.


The Transporter: Refuelled

transporter_refuelledA reboot of the popular franchise was always on the cards. After three movies with Jason Statham behind the wheel and a well received television series, it returns to the big screen. Ed Skrein stars as Frank Martin, the driver with a specific set of rules that must be followed to ensure a successful delivery. The plot centres around frank’s involvement of a heist from a Russian Kingpin and the subsequent revenge. it comes from the same team that brought us the original Transporter films with long time Luc Besson collaborator Camille Delamarre in the directors chair.


tom-hardy-tom-hardy-kray-brothers-film-legendAn interesting take on the well worn tale of the Kray twins and the London gangster scene of the nineteen sixties. Tom Hardy stars as both Ronnie and Reggie. The subject is controversial as there has always been a certain amount of glamorisation of the time and the brothers, while the brutal nature of their business sometimes get pushed to the side. expect a top notch performance from the ever reliable Hardy. He is supported by Paul Bettany, Emily Browning and Kingsman star Taron Egerton.

Irrational Man

irrational-man-joaquin-phoenix-emma-stoneThis years woody Allen film stars Joaquin Phoenix as a washed up Professor who contemplates carrying out the perfect crime in order to kick start his dull life. The film has been compared to a Hitchcock comedy murder in some circles. It received mixed reviews at its Cannes premier this year. Emma Stone and Parker Posey provide the support to what looks like another off the wall Joaquin Phoenix performance.


everest-Film-2015This is one to see on the biggest screen possible. A group of climbers get into real difficulty during an expedition on the highest mountain in the world. Jake Gyllenhaal leads an impressive cast which features Keira Knightly, Robin Wright, Josh Brolin and Jason Clarke. This is being marketed as an event movie in an attempt to get the audience to go for the 3D and IMAX screenings.


The Martian

the-martian-matt-damon-2Thanks to some innovative trailers, The Martian has created a bit of buzz. The film centres on an Astronaut (Matt Damon) getting stranded on Mars after being presumed dead. He has to fins a way to survive on the red planet for up to four years with only a limited stock of supplies. Director Ridley Scott looks to be on a winner with this one as he balances Damon in a castaway situation and the rest of the cast at the other end of a link back on Earth.

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