Axel Foley to return in 2016

I imagine many of our readers have been kept awake at night wondering if there will ever be a follow up to Beverly Hills Cop III. No? Well, news that Brett Ratner will direct a new film in the series may keep you awake for the wrong reasons.

Eddie Murphy’s last outing as Axel Foley was in 1994. The film was panned by critics, its director John Landis and even Murphy himself. With a release date set for 2016, it’s difficult not to focus on the massive gap between releases.

Andre Nemec and Josh Applebaum have been tasked with writing the screenplay with Jerry Bruckheimer returning as producer.

What’s your thoughts; bad idea or does Detroit’s finest mischief maker deserve another chance?

We can all but pray that Murphy doesn’t insist on playing multiple parts.

Source: Empire

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