Prometheus 2 Set To Go Ahead

I can’t remember the last time I actually sighed out loud at a piece of movie news, but the promise of a sequel to Prometheus has just about tipped me over the edge. Michael Fassbender – who played David the Android in prequel to Alien – confirmed earlier this week that Ridley Scott will be making a sequel. Filming may be delayed due to Scott’s previous commitments. With any luck, it will be delayed permanently.

Like many others, I was really looking forward to Prometheus when the initial buzz around the film started. I was thrilled at the casting of Sean Harris – one of my favourite actors – and a fairly prominent role for Glaswegian actor Kate Dickie. Fassbender, Pearce and Theron rounded it off nicely. But as the turgid affair coughed and spluttered its way through its fairly hefty 2 hours 4 minutes running time, I knew a terrible mistake had been made somewhere. The script was terrible and the film was riddled with plot holes as an individual film and in relation to Alien.

Michael Green – who also wrote the script for Scott’s Bladerunner – has been drafted in to re-work Jack Paglen’s original screenplay. The tone of Prometheus 2: Paradise (the project’s working title) is said to be far more terrifying and more in keeping with the horror of the Alien franchise. There are also rumours that Fassbender’s role – arguably the only redeeming feature of the prequel – is going to be extended into multiple Androids of conflicting personalities and agendas.

Prometheus 2 is being billed for release in the Autumn of 2016.

Source: The Wrap

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