Point Break Gets Rebooted – First Trailer

We all knew it was coming. It didn’t matter how much you cried, the Point Break remake was green-lit and there was no stopping it.

This time Luke Bracey is FBI agent Johnny Utah and Edgar Ramirez is the criminal mastermind Bhodi. The plot remains pretty much the same (if you don’t know it go watch it. Now) but the stakes have been raised for this Fast and Furious world we inhabit. To be fair the action sequences are intriguing but the performances and script look questionable at best.

That’s not to say Kathryn Bigelow’s original was a masterclass in cinema, however she produced a fun action film that deserves its cult statue amongst fans, mostly due to Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze. Not that we’re forgetting Gary Busey as Utah’s partner, Angelo Pappas. He was pretty awesome leaving Ray Winstone some big shoes to fill.

Point Break has endured for over 20 years leaving the new version a lot to live up to. On first impression it appears director Ericson Core is upping the ante but it remains to be seen if it will provide the 100% pure adrenaline required.

Point Break is released on December 25th 2015.


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