Avengers: Infinity War – New Trailer

It’s the trailer that has brought social media to it’s knees this lunch time… Yes, the Avengers: Infinity War trailer is here. And it does not disappoint. On any level. With any character. Or any element.

Let me clear about this: Marvel can take all of my money because I am SOLD on this film.

The trailer starts with a spiralling view of a city sprawl, akin to the stunning cinematography of Doctor Strange. Each element of the Avengers team – from Iron Man to Scarlet Witch; Captain America to Thor; Guardians to Hulk; is swiftly introduced in quick succession. Spiderman is pulling on his mask and jumping over a bridge; Black Panther is suiting up and extending his claws.

It’s clear that Infinity War will bring us more action, more chaos and more haunted looks to the camera as Josh Brolin’s Thanos picks up two infinity stones. If he completes his collection, he will garner universe-destroying powers … and he’s heading to Earth to ensure that happens.

The Russo brothers look to have done a pretty tremendous job with the nineteenth MCU film and it’s really exciting to see all of the different elements and characters come together in glorious technicolour. Particular images stand out; One-eyed Thor summoning lightning; Dr Strange hovering in mid-air; Captain America forcing back Thanos’ hand. I absolutely love the sequence wherein all of the Avengers seem to “suit up” one after the other.

Alan Silvestri’s score drives the action onwards throughout the trailer, leaving you absolutely wanting more.

Avengers: Infinity War will be in UK cinemas on April 26.

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