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Aladdin 2019Let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter how dazzling the musical numbers are; how faithful the script is; or how attractive the cast is (apparently, Jafar is causing some feelings) … All most of us want to know is what Will Smith is going to be like as the Genie.

Because he has some pretty enormous shoes to fill.

Robin Williams – for so many of us – is the definitive rendition of the big blue guy. His performance was chaotic yet controlled; a masterclass in madness. So, can The Fresh Prince rise to the challenge?

Well, this latest trailer – which premiered at the Grammy’s last night – doesn’t really give too much away. He’s literally the last thing you see and barely says more than a sentence.

The good thing is, Smith is not simply mimicking Williams’ performance. And yet … It still doesn’t feel right.

Sure, there’s a lavish, big band rendition of Arabian Nights; the sight of Jafar commanding Aladdin in to the lion-shaped cave; and Jasmine in her resplendent couture … But does Will Smith have the right energy and personality to win over die-hard Williams fans?

Oddly, there’s no hint that this is a Guy Ritchie film, and it genuinely surprised to find out that the Lock Stock and Snatch director was at the helm.

Disney are planning on bringing many of their animated classics to life, starting with the March release of Dumbo, and will continue their hopes of box office domination when Aladdin hits UK screens in May this year.


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