The Letter Writer – Preview

The Letter Writer will be available on Amazon Prime Video in the US from Valentine’s Day 14 February and in the UK from 19 February. As well as being available to Amazon Prime members, the film will be available to rent and buy.

The debut feature from singer-songwriter Layla Kaylif, set in 1965 Dubai, The Letter Writer tells the story of a young Arab nationalist boy, working his summers away as a professional letter writer and translator. A seemingly mundane job, the young boy’s life changes forever when he falls head over heels for an English woman he must write to, embarking on an adventure of love, loss and awakening with every word he writes.

Featuring the star of the critically acclaimed Blue Jean and Netflix’s The Alienist Rosy McEwen, and the debut performance from Eslam Al Kawarit. Speaking about the film, writer and director Layla Kaylif said: “I can’t imagine there’s a better time than now for my film to be released, its penultimate message being we don’t need (another) leader; what we need is love.”


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