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Be ready to forget everything you thought you knew about Frankenstein’s monster. For the new film I, Frankenstein the legend of the beast has been totally changed and given a twenty-first century make over. Gone are the neck bolts and protruding forehead. In comes a scarred face and an undying beast that  has been roaming the earth since its creation over two hundred years ago.Aaron Eckhart stars as the monster now given the name of Adam. After spending his immortality avoiding conflict (and villagers with pitch forks no doubt) he is sought out to take part in a war between Demons and Gargoyles. Adam is forced into the confrontation where the stakes are the future of the human race.

From the creators of the Underworld series we are presented with a new property that looks and feels very much the same. Spectacular set pieces and moody lighting combined with dreadful dialogue give us an indication of what to expect. The trailer looks good if a bit cheesy. It may give away more than it intends as it tries to cram in as much action as possible in the two-minute running time.

I Frankenstein is released everywhere on the 24th of January 2014.


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