RoboCop second trailer released

Ramping up the excitement for the remake takes the form of a second trailer for the RoboCop movie. This time around we get less of the origin story and more of the action sequences from the film. To be fair they look damn good and the trailer is made in such a way as to entice new fans into the cinema in a bid to revive the franchise.

It is always good to see a solid cast involved. RoboCop follows a well-defined path of casting an up and coming actor (Joel Kinnaman) in the lead with support from well-respected actors such as Gary Oldman, Samuel L Jackson, Michael Keaton and Abbie Cornish. It raises the stakes a little in that there is a sense that anything could happen to the main character. There is no guarantee that he will survive.That would not be the case if a big name actor was in the lead role.  Even if sequels are planned the premise of the film allows for another actor to step into the role without fuss.

RoboCop is released on 7th of February in the UK and the 12th of February in the US.

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