300: Rise of an Empire

Online is the first trailer for the forthcoming sequel to the 2007 phenomenon that was 300. Rather disappointingly the new film is not going to be called 301 but instead bears the title 300: Rise of an Empire.

Following on from the events of the first film the victorious army under the command of Xerxes is now marching on Greece. The Greek army are forced into an alliance with Sparta in a bid to repel the Persian forces.

Featuring some of the original (surviving) cast and rather surprisingly Eva Green the film has the same look and style of the first. Expect a lot of partially clothed muscle men screaming and fighting in fountains of blood and CGI gore. The trailer pretty much sets out what you should expect. If you view it that way I don’t think the film will disappoint.

Zack Snyder is again involved in the capacity of Producer and Screen writer with the directing duties being handed to the relatively unknown Noam Murro.

300: Rise of an Empire will be in cinemas in March 2014.

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