World War Z sequel has a director

juan antonio bayona 1Paramount Pictures have announced that a director is attached to the proposed sequel to the 2013 Zombie movie World War Z. The man in charge will be Juan Antonio Bayona best known for his work on The Orphanage and more recently the Tsunami family drama movie The Impossible

The original film, although beset by production problems and delays, was a commercial success this year with box office takings topping $540 million worldwide prompting the sequel being green lit. Brad Pitt is once again on board to star and his company will be producing the film. At this time a script has not been penned and no further information regarding casting or scheduling have been finalised.

The hiring of Bayona is not as strange as it looks on the surface. His work on The Impossible, especially the scenes of the wave hitting the resort and afterwards are enthralling set pieces that show that the director has a real understand of how to stage drama and action. It looks like he will be a good fit.

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