Peter O’Toole RIP

In what is turning out to be a bad year for movie deaths it has been announced that legendary british actor Peter O’Toole has passed away at the age of eighty-one. The actor best known for his breakthrough role in Lawrence Of Arabia retired from acting last year and had been unwell for some time prior to his demise. 

The actor had featured in over ninety film and television productions but it is his portrayal of  T.E. Lawrence that made him a household name. It almost didn’t happen as the role was initially offered to Albert Finney. O’Toole was only considered when Finney passed on the role. The film was a massive success garnering seven Oscars in the process. The role defined him as the quintessential Englishman and helped to cement his reputation as a leading man. Off screen he was part of the hard-drinking and hell raising actors club that included Richard Burton and Richard Harris.

Below is a small reminder of the enormous talent that is no longer with us.

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